Monday, September 21, 2009


"Mommy, what's your favorite color?"
"Well baby, I don't really have one.  I love all of them, especially when they're tastefully arranged together."
"Mommy, what's your favorite sea creature?"
"I don't know, baby.  I really like dolphins and whales.  And I love how some sea creatures help one another.  That's called 'symbiosis.'"
"Mommy, what's your favorite favorite dinner?"
"Mmmm.  I love dinners.  It depends on what I'm feeling like.  Today, I think... raw Thai food sounds delicious, with that tasty Thai tea, something with lots of ginger and garlic, and for dessert, raw peach cobbler.  Raw food sounds good to me today.  Wait, where are you going, baby?  I'm still answering your question..."

My kids really want me to land on some favorites here.  It just makes things easier to categorize and digest, I think.  I love blogs that are about one thing.  I can find some great raw recipes at one blog, some inspirational mothering literature at another, tips on gardening in zone 9 at yet another, home orchards, backyard chicken flocks, home schooling, baking, cooking, organics, spiritual growth...  But I just can't get myself to land on a blog emphasis.  I love a myriad of arts and activities and want to talk about them all.  At the same time, my favorite quote-turned-motto, "do few things and do them well" doesn't sit well with all this interest, does it?  But wait a minute.  Yes it does!  I have decided my blog shall be about... Homemaking!  Being a keeper of the home!  Homesteading!  It all means the same thing to me.  And that's what this here blog will be all about.  Ahhh.  That feels good.  Now if only I could satisfy my poor kids' desire to categorize my favorite favorites.  And by the way, my 7-year-old has determined that white is my favorite color because it has all of the colors in it. :)

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  1. Love it! I'm right there with you about being interested in lots of different things. As "home-makers", we rock!


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