Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pancake Squash

I have become quite the pro of cross-polinating squashes. Last year, I crossed zucchini and butternut and we decided to name it "zucchernut."  Outside of it's straingly intriguing appearance, it proved useless.
This year, I was careful to plant one squash at a time, but a sneaky pumpkin seed snuck in through the compost and disguised itself nicely in the yellow squash patch. I was so frustrated! What was I going to
do with these mutants?! When I saw them sitting there in the corner of my kitchen counter (if I had a dunce cap, I would have put it on them) next to my long-awaited Vitamix, I thought I'd look through the Vitamix cookbook to see if I could find any squash recipes, and low and behold, there was a zucchini pancake recipe! So I chopped them up, ommitted the sugar, and tada! My mutants found their destiny! They made delicious pancakes! And they have a great shelf life, a lot longer than the summer squash, but you can chop it up, skin and all, which is a lot easier than processing pumpkins. I hereby name them... The pancake squash.

I'm sharing this at Farmgirl Friday & Barn Hop.


  1. So funny! I'm glad you found a use for your mutant. I've never tried zucchini pancakes, and I'm not sure it really sounds good enough to try it, but I do love my zucchini brownies, so it might be okay.

  2. lol!!! Glad it worked out for you. :)

  3. I'm inspired! I was planning on making chickpea pancakes this morning for the kids (also a great vitamix recipe!), but now I am totally using up that giant zucchini that's been hibernating in my fridge for the past week!! I am delighted to have been shown your blog from a friend who saw it and thought of me. It's been bookmarked and now I am trying to catch up, enjoying your archives. I do wish you had an "about" section (maybe there is one that I just can't find!) because I am still trying to piece together who you and your family are, what you are about, etc. A little synopsis of your journey would be wonderful!!


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