Monday, May 30, 2011

I Never Want to Forget

Because I never want to forget the sweet things our children say during these tender years (that I know will fade away before we know it), and because what they say is too sweet or hilarious to keep to myself, here are a couple things our 5-year-old has said this month:

Do you want to know what will hold my heart forever?  My family.

(While squeezing my arm) I'm hugging Jesus who's in you!

Melt.  Times.  Infinity.
Excuse me while I grab all my kids in a massive, blubbery, sobby, hug as they wonder what on earth has come over their mom.

I'm sharing this at Gratituesday.


  1. You need to give a Kleenex warning with this one! Wow!

  2. Precious! I absolutely love the cornfield photo! Blessings, Lisa (found you at Heavenly Homemakers)


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