Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Beautiful Mistake

Today was going to be the last field trip of the school year.  We were going to see how wild horses are tamed.  We packed up a simple picnic of fresh raspberries, turkey, cheese, apples, and baked oatmeal squares.
Water bottles?
Aesop's Fables on CD?
Everyone went potty?
Ok, now check.
The drive was absolutely unbelievable.  The times I wanted to pull over on the side of the road to take pictures are too many to count.
Parts of the road rapidly lifted and dipped.
We were on a roller coaster.
Shrieks of delight.
Uncontrollable belly laughs.
Look how straight and tall the pines are!
See all those happy cows speckle the rolling, grassy hills!
Other parts of the drive was quite twisty and turney.
Mom, I'm car sick.  
Get me out of this car.
We made it!

There aren't many cars.  We're early.
Let's get out and look around.
Sweet mercies from heaven.  I'm in love with this porch.

Oh dear me.  Look at this garden!

Look at the kitty!
We all ache for a barn cat.
The secretary comes out and checks the books.
No.  No field trip scheduled for today.
Lots of staff changes, sorry this slipped through the cracks, she says.
Enjoy your day here.
Look around.
Picnic by the pond.
Thank you, I say.
I call the field trip organizer.
We were supposed to go to the site where they brake wild horses, two hours east of us.
We are where the wild horses are wild.
Where they graze, whinny, and be horses in the bright spring sun.
Well, this spot suites us even better!
What a beautiful mistake.
Thankful everyone is so sweet about my blunder.
I feel myself relaxing.
As a fat cat, bumbles up to the children.
As they quietly explore a bit.
As we sit by a canoe for a picnic.

As castles and forts are created from treasures discovered around us.
As we stop to watch fish.

We see the wild horses from a distance.
Nibbling grass, prancing, shaking their manes, braying, resting.  
It was all so right.

We thanked the secretary and drove home.
Through the windings.
Look straight ahead.
Up and over the lifts and drops.
Little giggles this time.
Everyone is quiet and peaceful.
Spirits are at rest.
Happiness is felt.
Life is good.
Thanking our kind Father for such a perfect surprise of a day.

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  1. that is funny and fun! glad you had a good time even with the mistake, or especially with the mistake!

    my recent post: 28 random things about bill

  2. Lovely. Just lovely. Thank you for the pictures and the beauty.

  3. What a wonderful change of plans! Obviously you were where you were supposed to be.
    Thanks for all the lovely pictures, too! :)

  4. Oh wow! I love ALL of that! The porch, the garden, the barn cat... I am so jealous!! And whenever I'm taking a drive I make my husband pull over if there's something I especially want a photo of. He's such a good sport :)

  5. Wow. Just wow. I can't pick a favorite! I *do* love that garden though!

  6. I jsut love the shot of the cat!

  7. Oh, that sweet barn cat! I want one, too.

  8. Beautiful pictures, looks like a great day!

  9. That is an amazing porch! I love that first and that last shot! Gorgeous!


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