Wednesday, September 8, 2010

As Simple as ABC

Some of us, after being inspired by a great work of literature, feel moved to tell the world about it in the form of a review.  I...  well, I... I really liked the pictures.

On a previous visit to the library, my children discovered Alphabet Soup.

Here's what I like about the book besides the pretty pictures:

  • For ages 1-8+ This is a great book to read with the family (or for your older child to read to your younger ones as read-aloud practice).  Your children are introduced to the simple sounds of each letter of the alphabet and the book introduces the most common digraphs.  IE: Not only do the children find that snake begins with s, sheep begins with s, too.  Taking the time to point that out and thinking of other sh words is really helping my 6-year-old son to remember his digraphs.
  • Animals, animals There is an animal who's name begins with each letter of the alphabet.  My children had fun guessing which animal would represent each letter.  Don't go with the easy animal choice, though!  They pull out some unique ones, which has been a fun way for my four-year-old to learn about some new creatures.
  • Food for the foodie In the book, an animal friend is hosting a housewarming soup potluck.  Not only is there an alphabet animal friend for each letter, the friends bring tasty veggies and legumes that match their representing letter.  The foodie in me loves this part.  I think I was the one guessing which vegetable each animal would bring.  It's fun for the whole family, I tell you.
So there you have it.  My ABC book review.  It moved me, this book did.  Oh, the depth.  The suspense.  The intrigue.  The food. The pretty pictures.

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