Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Appliance of the Week ~ Mix it Up

Growing up with a KitchenAid mixer and then receiving one 10 1/2 years ago as a wedding gift makes for a delightfully seamless treasure of mixing memories; I just don't know life without one.  This actually makes it hard to tell of it's wonders.  It's like air.  I'm always using it, but not often do I write about it.  Maybe I should, that could be so deep and moving...  Wait, am I writing about air or mixers?  I'm confused now.  Mixers, mixers...  My affections run so deep, I feel a poem coming on...

With a whisk for whipping up creams and things
and a paddle for mixing those batters.
A dough hook, with one look will tickle your fancy
as it kneads you attend to what matters.

Cookies, cakes, and breads galore
stocking both pantry and fridge.
Delightfully nibble, never mind your middle
it's healthy with no additives.

Whisking, whirling, mixing, kneading
now children join in on the fun!
Little fingers stay out while it all spins about
or instead of ten you'll only have one.

Despite that lovely bit of original poetry, Kitchen Aid mixers really do, well, aid the kitchen.  I'm sorry.  I am going to stop.  Goodbye for now.  Tomorrow will be better, I promise...


  1. you are a crack up. i love your blog. when i am gone i make sure i go back and read what i missed. i did not grow up with a kitchen aid, but got one as a wedding gift. i thought, what do i need this for. i would be lost without it now, i use it everyday!

  2. That was awesome. :)
    love it and you too.
    And I also love my kitchen aid.
    Don't know how I lived without for
    so many years.

  3. I love your poem. I wish I had a mixer like that. Maybe one day.


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