Thursday, November 20, 2014

Farm Stand Preparations

Preparations are well underway for our family to be a part of a wonderful bazaar our church holds annually.  This is no ordinary boutique.  Thousands walk the isles to browse the vendor's offerings.  My kids have begged to sell something, anything, for years, so I wrote it into our Homestead Day curriculum (more on that soon).  The hope is that the kids learn a thing or two about money: marketing, pricing, and economics in general.  It's been fun to watch their excitement rise, the closer it gets to setting up our little farm stand and revealing the fruit of their hard work.

Us grown-ups joined the fun, too.  My mom has made some gorgeous, hand-crafted woodworkings, a newfound love of hers, and she is good.  My dad helped our oldest son to make stilts, something he helped my brother and I make and sell when we were kids.  Oh, the memories that came flooding back!  We used to have countless races and tournaments on those stilts.  Any time friends came over, they would make a beeline to them and the championships would would resume.  I hopped up on an old pair we made as kids at my daughter's birthday party and became ten again.  I literally had to bite my tongue (as seen in the photo above) so as not to challenge the poor nine-year-olds to a battle.  I always win, you see.  Always.  I think I need to invite some of my friends over for a battle so I can dominate once again.  Fierce stilt competition is not something one outgrows easily.

Our oldest daughter and her friend have made some rad raw-hem tank tops that they designed themselves.  The last batch was just finished last night and they are so cute!  I'm really impressed.

Our younger girls and I have added several sourdough items to the farm stand, including (sour)doughnuts, loaves of rustic sourdough, and sourdough starter, all made with only spelt.  They will also help to ladle organic hot apple cider made from scratch into mugs for our customers.

If you are in the area, I do hope you stop by and say hello.  We'll be the booth with millions of kids and matching aprons that my mom made for us all.  Our little farm stand will be open for business this Saturday, November 22 from 3:00-8:00 at the Bethel Bazaar.  You can follow our progress on Instagram as we make the final push until the big day.


  1. I think you all are marvelously talented! I also think your parents & the family togetherness is amazing! May God bless all the work of your hands! Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia

  2. Thank you so much! I definitely think you should open an Etsy shop. :) How fun!

  3. How fun, very impressed, but of course that's nothing new:)

  4. So fun! Many hands and creative hearts playing together!


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