Friday, July 20, 2012


The first half of this month has been swirling with activity, to say the least.  With a two-week school he taught at and trips on every weekend, the kids and I didn't see much of Jeremy.  It is safe to say that we just weathered a rough patch of lonliness for me, social exhaustion for him, and high demands on us both.  The kids and I missed daddy greatly.  It was time for our little brood to regroup.  There is only one place we like to go during a heat wave, and that's anywhere cooler than the valley.  Thankfully for our car-hating baby, it only takes one hour to reach a number of alpine getaways.  We loaded the van with lunch and all things summery and drove to our favorite peek.

The drive was pleasant and gorgeous.  Everyone cheered as we watched the temperature relax to a more comfortable number.  Before we knew it the van was parked and unloaded.  Everyone hurried up to relax.  Coconut water was sipped, ice chest opened, lunches enjoyed.  It wasn't hard to find a smiley face already.

On went the life vests and out went the older two on a little kayak for most of the day.

The more careful of us watched from the shore, shouting words of caution.

Others made their own kayak and soaked up the not-too-hot sun.

Everyone stopped in at one point get some sweet baby lovin' for a moment.

It looked, smelled, felt, sounded, and tasted like a beautiful day.

There was laughter, affection, memories made, and a quietness that rests over a family when it feels united again.

We were only there for the day, and it was definitely hard to load back up into the van and face the heat of our valley, but we took time to cool down, refocus, hold each other, and remember that we're in this together; this wonderful, sometimes demanding thing called life.  The crazy season ain't over yet, but we'll always have the oneness regained during our mountain day by a little lake.   

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  1. Sounds wonderful. We just moved up from davis and have been crazily unpacking and getting settled on our little "chicken ranch". Amazing how fast the day goes With unpacking, outdoor projects and just the normal daily stuff with 4 kids and we haven't taken time to really BE together. Could use a day like yours! Will have to pick an alpine lake and do it!


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