Wednesday, October 19, 2011

He Is

It's been one of those days.

My husband has been gone a lot.
The kids have been just plain hard to homeschool.
I'm a pregnant, emotional ball of energy-less discomfort.

The other day, I lost it.  
I cried for an hour.
I felt like a failure.
I felt like all my efforts in life were for nothing.
I spiraled.

I cried out.
Father God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, help me.
I'm in a bad way.
And He did.

I looked up and out.
I looked down and in.
He was right here.
He centered me.  

He is everything good that comes out of me.
He is the Strength and Grace that guides me through seasons like living in a fifth-weel as a family of six for eight months.
He is the reason that takes my breath away every time I watch our babies sleep, look up to the towering mountains, witness dead winter transform into spring that bursts with life.
He is the love that brought a dear friend over that night, with dinner and a kind, listening ear.
He is the One who gives the energy and life that sustains me.
He is beauty.
He is love.
He is protective.

I delight in Him.
I cling to Him.
He extends His invitation of unconditional love and affection to every human being.
I say yes.
I always say yes.
He overwhelms me with His goodness.
Every time.

I'm sharing this at Gratituesday.


  1. Your words are a powerful Testimony to the Overwhelming Power of Christ


  2. This would be a beautiful song! :) God is amazing!

  3. What a wonderful blog Katie! I am sorry you were feeling down, but I am so thankful for a Father who knows, cares and does something about it. I love you.

  4. thank-you for'll never know how much-needed it was today

  5. God Bless U Katie! Yes, He Is Love! And He Loves U! And He's Right There With You!


  6. *hugs* and God Bless. ♥

  7. Thank you, I needed this.

  8. Ah, thank you for writing this, I know the exact feeling. I have been in that place and He has lifted me up :) :) Saw your link up at Heavenly Homemakers! Wanted to stop by to check out the blog! :) Have a great rest of the week :)

  9. So true. Thank you for sharing this.

  10. How is it that I am so very late in arriving at what is RiddleLove online. This whole blog and site amazes me. I feel v honoured to have known you so long ago!! You have become someone who inspires and you dont even realize. This post in particular. Stunning, lady.

  11. Awe Jen, this means so much. Thank you a whole lot. :) Love you and I hope we get to connect again sometime soon.


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