Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Country Girl

A girl born and raised in the suburbs, I might have been.  But I never felt truly at home amongst the cookie-cutter houses and endless shopping centers.  That's not completely true.  There were two instances during my homeschooled years as I child where my spirit felt peaceful and contented.  Once was when I read a Little House book in our backyard hammock as I listened to the three pullets clucking around that my parents encouraged me to have.  The other time was when we started a garden in the side yard and I'd work in it all alone, absorbing the quiet, sunny, earthy life that surrounded me as my hands dug into the earth, pulling food from it.

Now, my own family lives in Smalltown, Ruralville and I've realized something: I am a country girl.

It just doesn't get old waking up to all the neighborhood cockerels calling out and bragging to each other every morning at 5:15.

Our children's chores include collecting eggs twice a day, feeding and watering the sheep, and calling our dog up the hill, away from the chickens.  I love that they know what it sounds like when a pullet lays an egg and the proud expression on their faces when they give me the daily egg count.

The other day, my children were noticing the differences between "city kids" and "country kids" and they all decided they were glad to be the country kind.

I love spending some time every Sunday afternoon, making the list for our weekly errand-run to town (and the fact that the list always includes picking up real milk from a local dairy farm).

Cruise control only makes sense when driving to town because there's no such thing as rush hour or traffic of any kind, for that matter.

When we're home, we all stop to look down the road when we hear a car because that's a sound not usually heard unless someone has come for a visit.

Together, we dream about next year's garden.  The kids get to choose their favorite variety of a veggie of choice (usually because it sounds the sweetest or because it's purple instead of green).

Everyone's eyes sparkle as we sit around the dinner table, planning which fruit and nut trees to plant this November and deciding where they should set their roots.

Much discussion has been going on as to whether or not we should invest in a couple meat steers or a dairy cow and her half next spring.

I thrill to the sound of a million frogs and crickets in the summertime and scattered owls hooting along with an occasional coyote pack yelping in the winter as I fall asleep each night.

The night sky is noticeably darker on new moon nights and brighter when the moon is full.  This was something I could never enjoy in the city, with it's sky constantly polluted with the purplish glow of all the street lights and buildings.

Our favorite pastime (when the night is dark) is sitting on the porch, watching the magnificent sunset  and staying up to admire the millions of stars, then letting our breaths get taken away by an occasional shooting star.

Not all people enjoy the things I do, nor see life in the same way, and I'm happy about that.  If people love the city, they should live in the city.  But me?  I'm a country girl, thankful to finally call the country my home.

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  1. sounds like bliss to me!!!

  2. Lindsey_ChicMoneyTalkSeptember 21, 2011 at 7:58 AM

    Even though my preference is more city... I grew up in the rural parts, and I know I have a little bit of country in me. It's a warm place in my heart. I think everybody needs a little country!

    It's a good feeling when you feel at peace!

  3. Country girl all the way! Reading your thoughts and love for country living is like reading my own thoughts. Im so happy that you actually get to live it! I dream of it daily. It hurts I want it so bad :) Someday! But for now I'll keep dreaming and reading your lovely blog.

  4. Enjoyed your post a lot. :)

  5. I was born and raised city. And never knew or wanted anything else! And here I am in the middle of nowhere, rural Idaho waiting to pick up my milk cow and her calf this weekend. God can lead us into such interesting paths. It has only been a few months, but I do not see how I could ever go back.

  6. Oh Annie! I'm praying you're able to move to the country very soon! I know that ache all too well. PS: How's about ya move up here when the time comes and we be neighbors? :)

  7. That is truly amazing and wondrous. I'm so glad you like the country now that you're living in it. Also, I'm quite jealous about your cow and calf. :)

  8. Katie, this is beautiful! I have loved watching you guys create your dream life. I can't say that I have completely the same preferences as you do - recently coming to terms with my "big city-ness" - but I think that we do share a passion for soul searching and prioritizing and creating a work of art out of our lives. Cheers!!

  9. Katie, If that is the view you see everyday then I totally agree! lol

  10. My husband and I lead a church in Southern California and live on property in a parsonage. While my dream of country living cannot come true yet, we try to get as close as we can. We have had a garden in our small backyard, and now we are looking for a plot for a community garden. I've been arguing for a goat for a while, but it is not conducive or my neighbors...I have no idea why? :-) I do still live with cars and bass music and parties across the street, but at least we are only 2 minutes from the beach. KEEP LIVING THE DREAM, KATIE!! Thanks for your inspiration.

  11. I'm so envious. I grew up in the country, I love it and it is where I belong. Somehow I have been (most unhappily) stuck in the 'burbs for almost all of my adult life.

    Two years, two more years and we will be able to move to the country home we have inherited and I will finally be able to breathe again.

  12. Beautifully said! Fresh eggs, raw milk, children understanding and living 'real' life and what really matters. A life worth living, that's what you have!

  13. You put my exact thoughts into words. Right now I am a country girl stuck in a small town. And while it is nice it's still town. We dream every night about when we will get back to the country (only weeks away YAY!). There is already talk of gardens, trees, and animals. The country is where its at! Glad you are loving it and it fits you so well.

  14. Love it! You are living my dream country life :)

  15. That would be divine!!! My Aunt lives in Redding so there are more than enough reasons for living up there:) Being your neighbor would be tons o' fun! Much love.....


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