Thursday, October 24, 2013

Organic Gardening: Getting Started, Choosing What to Grow When, & Pest Control

Over the past couple months, I've had the privilege of sharing some things learned in the garden.  There is a three-part series containing this info over at Abundant Harvest Organics.  It just occurred to me that those posts were never shared here on this blog, so here they are:

First, I share a recipe for getting a green thumb.  Maybe some come by it naturally.  Mine came from the resources I share about in this post.

After sharing about how to acquire a green thumb, we talk about the process of choosing the perfect seeds and varieties for your personal garden, as well as when to plant things.

There is so much to learn about controlling pests organically.  It was hard to narrow down information to fit in one post.  I hit the three main ways I've found the most success in keeping critters out of my garden.

Whether you're done gardening until the spring or are tending a leafy-green autumn garden, it's never a bad time to start thinking about what to plant next and how to do it.  I hope these thoughts on organic gardening can be of help and spark some excitement for the growing season to come.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Weekly Menu Plan: Third Week of October

There are countless stories and moments waiting to be shared here, as well as some new recipes.  It's crunch time to get us into our home, and currently time only yields enough of itself for function.  Here's hoping that November posts will be more diverse than just menu plans, but for now, I'm sharing what's bringing me peace of mind: something to follow at meal-prep-time.

Lunch: Turkey & Cheese Sandwiches, Hard-Boiled Eggs, Ants On A Log

Lunch:  Nut Butter & Manuka Honey Sandwiches, Carrots, Raw Cheese Slices, Sprouted Pepitas
Dinner:  Honey Mustard Slow Cooker Chicken, Garden Veggie Stir-Fry

Lunch:  Turkey & Cheese Wrapped in Butter Lettuce, Eggplant Hummus, Cucumber Slices, Leftover Muffins 
Dinner:  Slow-Cooker Brisket Sandwiches (modified), Salad

Lunch:  Quesorritos & Apple Slices

To do: Jeremy's Birthday!
Breakfast:  Croque Monsieur
Lunch:  Cheeseburgers & Potato Wedges
Dinner: Celebrate Out

Breakfast: Porridge & Eggs
Snack:  Pear Slices

To do: Our Girl's 8th Birthday!
Breakfast:  Cinnamon Rolls, Bacon, & Eggs
Dinner:  Pizza


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