Sunday, November 8, 2009

What If?

Have you noticed a growing number of people who love the idea of buying some land with other families and then living off of it?  I have.

What if...

~ it's more than just a coincidence?
~ the simplistic lifestyle was a means of paying off debts and regaining financial freedom?
~ health problems ceased due to a holistic lifestyle that included daily sunshine and exercise by tending to the farm & consuming all fresh, organic, seasonal, local food?
~ it didn't look like a commune, but an actual healthy, working, community?
~ it was a bunch of normal people able to interact with society?
~ we slowly came back to being a nation of mostly farmers instead of mostly consumers?
~ people put their desires to plan, and their plan to action?

Just sayin'...


  1. OMG! John and I were just talking about this yesterday, then I heard him talking about it to Casey on the phone. Sounds like a far-away, surreal, improbable thing, but you never know how God can work. . . . .

  2. Yeah, I'm in. Where do I show up?

  3. I'll bring John and Laura too, and of course the wife and kids, but you probably assumed that.

  4. bill has this idea to have a watch of the Lord community living thing... well, we will see. it is hard for me to imagine it, but who knows. anyways, i thought it was funny to read this because he talks about this kind of thing all the time. :)

  5. I refuse to wear berkinstocks though. I'm thinking some cows, sheep, horses, and lots of area for a garden.........John Lawson


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