Sunday, October 7, 2012

Weekly Menu Plan #47

Pumpkin Days

Today is the day!  The last of fourteen sets of meals without Jeremy.  I'll just go ahead and say it's been a roller coaster and we'll keep it at that (hence the quietness of the blog this week).  I'm so thankful for the community that surrounded us during this time.  They made a night-and-day difference.  On another note, the weather here has dropped to a very comfortable temperature and I am oh so ready for some soups.  It's time to dust the soup pot off.  We are back in business.  Also we have potatoes coming out of our ears, so there will probably be more potato recipes than usual this week.

To do: soak porridge
Breakfast:  GF German Pancakes
Lunch:  Hummus, Carrots, Apples, Raw Cheese, Almonds

To do: Thaw 6 cups chicken stock  & pumpkin for Thursday
Breakfast: Porridge
Lunch:  Sourdough Turkey & Cheese Sandwiches, Pears, Walnuts
Dinner: Zuppa Toscana

To do: soak pumpkin baked oatmeal, thaw tenderloin for Friday
Lunch:  Nut Butter & Berry Wraps, Apple & Raw Cheese Slices
Dinner: Baked Potatoes with cheese, creme fraiche, chives, Broccoli with Garlic Butter & Cashews

To do: make cookie bites
Lunch:  Leftover Baked Oatmeal Squares, Raw Cheese Slices, Cherry Tomatoes, Turkey

To do: soak beans for chili
Breakfast:  GF Chocolate Chip Scones (double batch)
Lunch:  Sourdough Turkey & Cheese Sandwiches, Applesauce, Hummus, Carrot Sticks
Dinner:  Beef Stroganoff over Rice Noodles, Salad, Vanilla Coconut Cream Candy

To do:
Breakfast:  Cinnamon Rolls & Fried Eggs 
Lunch: Irish Nachos

To do:
Breakfast:  Leftover GF Chocolate Chip Scones from Friday
Lunch:  Leftovers
Dinner:  Leftovers
(Sunday is my day off)

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