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Over 50 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for the Whole Family

I put together a list like this a couple years ago (you can see it here) and still very much stand by those suggestions.  This compilation was created as a continuation of that list.  Everything on here has been personally enjoyed here in our home over the years and comes highly recommended.  How fun would it be to give a gift basket for the baker/gardener/cook/crafter/homesteader/coffee drinker/fermento/child in your life?  I guess I love themes.  Many of these suggestions would also make beautiful gifts or stocking stuffers all by themselves.  I like to veer away from just giving "stuff" that will likely fill the dump in a month or two and instead invest in one or two meaningful gifts that the receiver will actually enjoy, and is even inspired to go after their interests even more.  I hope you find this helpful.  Please add any suggestions you may have in the comments below.

For The Baker
  • WonderMill ~ Mine is almost ten years old now and is going strong with heavy use.  Although it's quite an investment, you just can't beat the flavor that freshly-milled flour imparts to breads, cookies, and cakes; not to mention the major increase in nutrition and decrease in the cost of flour when you mill your own.  It has three settings for pastry, bread, and coarse and mills eight cups of flour in less than two minutes.
  • Clay Bakers ~ Not only do these bring your bread-making game up to a professional level, you can craft some incredible roasts and whole chickens in these guys.  I do believe they are totally worth the investment.  Also?  They are a clean, non-toxic way to bake your food, and are naturally non-stick without any chemicals.
  • Proofing Baskets ~ These babies are what take your loaves from just homemade to artisan.  You know those cool markings found on super-expensive breads you buy at high-end bakeries?  It's because they let the final rise happen in these proofing baskets.
  • Danish Dough Whisk ~ I love using this especially for wetter doughs, like with spelt flour.  It's incredible how effective it is!
  • Bowl-Scraping Spatula ~ This is my all-time favorite spatula ever.  It doesn't leave any of the precious dough behind in the bowl and it is effortless to use.
  • Lidded Bowl for Rising/Souring ~ Even though they aren't nearly as pretty as a traditional bread bowl, I love these because no disposable plastic is needed to cover rising dough and the dough doesn't dry out like it can when using a cloth.  The lid does the trick!
  • A good bread knife ~ Home-crafted bread deserves the courtesy of being cut with a good, sharp bread knife.  This is the one I have used and loved for years.  Once you use a well-made knife, it's pretty card to carve and cut with anything else.
  • Tartine No. 3 ~ A very inspirational recipe book using whole grains, written by Chad Robertson, the legendary sourdough genius and owner of the famous San Francisco Tartine Bakery & Cafe.
For The Gardener
For The Healthy Cook
  • Nourishing Traditions ~ Another must-have for every healthy kitchen.
  • Nom Nom Paleo ~ Probably my favorite cook book purchase this year.
  • Truffle Salt ~ A delicious indulgence that brings "umami" to pretty much any savory dish.  A little bit goes a long way!
  • Fair-Trade, Organic Chocolate ~ Can anyone say, "yummiest stocking stuffer ever"?
  • 2-Ounce Angled Measuring Cups ~ I have three of these and use them all the time for measuring vanilla extract, sourdough starter, making salad dressings... I was surprised how often they're in use and really glad I have three because I go through them so often.
  • Cast Iron Pots and Pans ~ These are a must when you're wanting to get away from toxic non-stick pans. These are naturally non-stick when seasoned properly and can go into the oven and on the stovetop; and campfire!
  • Clay Bakers ~ These were already mentioned in the baker's gifts but are also incredibly valuable for roasting meats and veggies.  You'll never roast a piece of meat any other way!
  • Ceramic Pots and Pans ~ The next step up from regular cast iron pots and pans mentioned above.
  • Ghee ~ My favorite fat for stovetop cooking because of it's high smoke point (prevents fat from becoming carcinogenic) and nutrient density.  Also it's GAPS-diet and Paleo-friendly!
  • Grade B Maple Syrup ~ I mean, I'd swoon with some of this in my stocking.
  • Vanilla Beans and Vodka to make this gluten-free vanilla extract recipe ~ Whether you make a cute vanilla extract kit for your favorite chef or give it to them made by you, nothing beats a good vanilla extract.
For The Natural Crafter
For The Flower Lover
  • Favorite Flower Shears ~ Also great for cutting fresh herbs from the garden!
  • Floral Foam ~ Shears, floral foam, and the book below.  I sense another stunning gift basket.
  • The Plant Recipe Book ~ Recipes for impressive arrangements with flowers and clippings from plants.
For The Coffee Lover
  • Home Roaster ~ Although this isn't the top of the line, it's been serving us well for five years and counting.
  • Green Coffee Beans ~ You're gonna need some green coffee beans to roast, after all.
  • Home Coffee Roasting book ~ ... and knowing how to roast the beans is always helpful.
For The Fermento
For The Aspiring Homesteader
For The Children
Ages 0-3

  • Playsilk ~ Soothing for the baby and creative play for the toddler.  I love a toy that grows with your child.
  • Natural Teethers and Toys ~ They can gnaw on them while teething and play with them as they grow.
Ages 3-5
Ages 6-8

Ages 8-12

  • Origami Yoda Files ~ Our son devoured these books and has lent them out to several friends who did the same.
  • Felting Starter Kit ~ A wonderful sensory activity while they listen to you read books.

  • Darling Magazine (for young ladies) ~ My oldest daughter and I have really enjoyed reading through these together.  "The Art of Being a Woman" is their subtitle.  One read through their mission statement on the back of their publications and you will be hooked.
  • Easy Carpentry for Kids ~ My brother and I actually worked through this book with my dad when we were kids.  So many beautiful memories!
Happy gift-giving!

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  1. Wonderful list! I can never have too many gift ideas. Especially love the kids recommendations.


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